Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh my! The wide world of nature bloggers!

I just spent a good part of this morning trying to add a couple of widgets to Nature ID. Comcast internet service was very slow for a couple of hours, which was a drag. I run Windows ME and haven't upgraded anything since my computer purchase almost a decade ago. Perhaps, when we get new computers (and possibly a new camera) in the fall, blogging will be less time consuming for me. Then, maybe I could also run Picasa!

I also did a little reorganization, by moving relevant blog listings to blogs I follow. By following other followers of the handful of blogs I was following, I discovered a whole world of nature bloggers. Holy wow! There are a lot of nature blogs out there and most are fantastic! I don't know if it was simply the draw of whom I chose to follow, but most blogs are based out of the UK or the Midwest. Nature photography, birds, and gardens seem to be the most popular. I'm still looking for another non-business, non-garden, nature blogger based out of CA.

What I want to know is, how do people find the TIME to:
1) learn how to create an eye-popping blog?
2) actually post regularly?
3) do other things in their lives besides blogging???

I was starting to feel so proud of organizing my humble photos, posting them to document dates and observations, and searching online to ID the things I spotted during hikes. But now? My blog is so basic (yet, scarily lengthy) compared to the clean, well-organized beautiful sites I saw today. So, I've relabeled my index to make it easier to read. I'm not the best writer, nor am I great shakes at photography, and I'm starting to feel a little intimidated about blogging. I really had simple intentions when I started Nature ID, but I can imagine this has the potential to soon grow to take over my life!

ps 03/10/10 - Speaking of widgets, I deleted a couple from my site, because they slogged my blog loading time and I was starting to receive too many automated comments that initially looked okay, but were actually from dubious hackers. I'm also going to delete several blogs that I follow, because some people load their sites with so much commercial crap and fancy schmancy that it takes forever to load and often locks up my old computer.

pss 04/20/10 - I've also blocked several followers. That big eye avatar was starting to creep me out, so I checked it out. Looks like it's someone with decent internet programming skills to auto-follow blogs, same-o, same-o as the dozen other followers I've now blocked. And, yes I know it's supposed to be P.P.S., but I don't like having to use caps and periods if I don't have to and I really don't like the way it sounds when said out loud.