Saturday, June 13, 2009

CA forest scorpion ~ 06/13/09 ~ Humbolt Redwoods

California forest scorpion
Uroctonus mordax

This may be the first time I have ever seen a scorpion in CA out in the wild, or in this case lodged on the outside of a bathroom wall. Based on the light body coloring, I'm guessing it just molted and was in the process of hardening when I found it in the morning.

ps 03/30/12 - While looking up something else, I happened upon a scorpion name. The northern CA to WA area where this sp. is found with the dark claws, pincers, cephalothorax, and tail, plus the light colored legs makes me believe this is the correct ID for this scorpion. My previous assumption that it had just molted is incorrect. It's just a shiny, fatty female. I've made changes and added links to the ID names below the photo.

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