Monday, April 26, 2010

IDentity crisis!

pink dogwood
Cornus florida

Phoenix, Oregon

I'm changing the name of Nature ID! Uh, slightly... for now...

This morning, during my now habitual perusal of nature blogs while drinking coffee, I read Nature Blog Network's featured blog: Ohio Nature Blog. (Tom Arbour's blog is fantastic, btw!) They asked him about the name of his blog and he replied he thought the "name is WAY too presumptuous and have thought about dropping it for something a bit more modest..." Well, that statement really hit home for me.

It's 10 days shy of the one year anniversary of when I started Nature ID. I look back and, boy, was I a green blogger! I thought it'd be simple to take a couple pictures during hikes and use my handful of local nature guides to identify to species. Not! For the past month or so, I've been thinking about changing the name of Nature ID, because it sounds as if I know what I'm doing. The more I learn, the more I'm aware of how much I don't know. Granted, I picked up quite a bit about online ID resources, blogging, and the world of nature bloggers. Now that I actually have a couple blog followers, even some "professional" folks, I've been feeling self-conscious about my blog name.

Unfortunately, all my google searches for creative names came up with too many results. I'm playing around with the name and if I find something more suitable, it may just change again. For those who know me or follow my constantly-edited posts, they'll know I'm moody. So, being "ktnatureid" is apropos.

ps 04/27/10 - Nope, didn't like ktnatureid, so am back to Nature ID. Anyone have any ideas?


spookydragonfly said...

Beautiful capture of the Pink Dogwood! My White Dogwoods are in bloom dotting my woods at this time of year...I adore them. I agree with you...I.D. is not always as easy as one would think! Simply enjoying nature and sharing what you appreciate can spark anothers' interest. Thanks for following my blog...have to get back to it! Have fun with your new blog name!

A.J. said...

I don't see the problem. The name is fine.

Nic said...

Hi Katie, I've been dipping into your blog for a little while - we visited your part of California 2 years ago and loved it! Well done for reaching your first anniversary. I have just started a blog myself and I think it will take me the best part of a year to get over the idiosyncracies of posting on Blogspot - let alone learning about the birds, plants and trees!
Nicola (England)
PS How about a word play on the Big Sur?

Nature ID said...

Spooky, great to hear from you, again. All your blogs looked like they stopped at the end of 2009.

A.J., I appreciate the vote of confidence. How is Darren related to you?

Nicola, thanks for commenting. I like your trail pics - reminds me of something out of Fellowship of the Rings. Actually, very few of my posts are from the Big Sur area. Once I get my new computer, I hope to create a map so people can see where all my locations are in relation to each other.

biobabbler said...

If it matters, I am a professional biologist (so sayeth my degrees), tho' not an expert in particular species groups in any way, and I think the name of your blog is not the least bit presumptuous. I like that you are interested in learning and sharing the process. That, to me, is the true spirit of biology. Being interested in what's out there enough to try and learn about it.

And, by the way, one thing people I hold highest in my esteem (re: expertise, etc.) have in common is that they are totally comfortable saying "I don't know." That's SO important to science, and amazingly uncommon, and you are doing that. So, I say Yay Nature ID. It's not "Nature ID'd." The name implies the process to me, not the end result.

Brad said...

I'll have to agree with those above and say I don't find your name presumptuous at all. I admire you for doing all the legwork to id stuff and then blog about it. Though I kind of like the name "Identity Crisis" or maybe "Nature Identity Crisis". I thought that was going to be your new name for a split second.

Nature ID said...

Apologies, for my deleted comment. Maybe I SHOULD name this blog IDentity Crisis?

Thanks, Biobabbler and Brad, for your words of support.