Sunday, May 23, 2010

habitat ~ 05/23/10 ~ Frog Pond Wetland Preserve

May 23, 2010

We were hiking maniacs this weekend, hitting Fort Ord, Jacks Peak, and the Frog Pond in 2 days. Of course, it helps that all are within a few minutes from home (not to mention we don't have a garden or kids to toil over). The Frog Pond is not a place I normally go, because the parking on the side of a very fast road makes me nervous. My hubby used to run this pond regularly at lunch, and he was surprised by the carpet of what we think is duckweed over the water.


Susan said...

Too clever by half you are- I was thinking horse tail as in a kind of prairie grass ...which I know we called it as kids...not to be confused with fox tail...which then totally started to click to old names passed down through in fish hawk..the osprey. Sparrow hawk...kestral. Pigion hawk...merlin...Native (indigenous) names for what the beasties ate. Not a unique thought, but from a non linguist, I thank you!

Nature ID said...

Stream of conscious thought, Susan? I'm smiling, so it's all good.