Sunday, June 6, 2010

small world, big cats

Siberian linx
Felinae linx

We had a surprisingly interesting day simply walking about town to loosen up Mr. Trail Runner's post-marathon legs (he came in 7 minutes earlier than last year's Nisene Marks Marathon). We ran into several people we know, including my doctor who was kind enough to stop and chat a bit while we were having lunch. I sometimes forget what a small world we live in.

Cannery Row had its annual block party today and included this booth pictured above. I had to look up their website to figure out which cat this was. I initially heard bobcat, but Mr. Trail Runner said the ones he's seen on local trails are more grey and have shorter tails. On my wish list for Nature ID is to post a bobcat. I'll pass on taking a pic of a mountain lion in situ, because it may be the last thing I do!

I have mixed feelings about why wild cats are so often kept in captivity. Back in 2003, I stayed at a big cat refuge in Arkansas while visiting a friend and her sister who worked there. Following are a few pictures from that visit:

One last thing, here's a link to Christian the lion video. Apparently, no matter what species, we all like to see old friends.

It was a good day.

ps 07/03/10 - For an excellent post on a backyard bobcat, see Tree in the Door's Fauna and Flora.

pss 01/18/11 - For four more posts of interest:

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