Monday, July 19, 2010

wet, drippy fog

Huckleberry Hill
July 19, 2010

Sometimes my camera simply does its own thing. Yes, this is a color photograph and has not been altered in any way. I was trying to get a habitat shot of the Monterey pines on Huckleberry Hill here in town. The fog was so thick and heavy up there that it sounded like it was raining.


Janet said...

LOVELY photo... and reminds me why I was soooo happy to leave western San Francisco for inland Mendocino!

Nature ID said...

Thanks, Janet. With your artistic eye, your comment means a lot to me. Today is the posted last day to get a photo submitted to the county fair. Erg. Do you think this one is worth the effort?

Janet said...

I wanted to say it reminds me of lace or of Victorian paper cut outs.

Janet said...

Go for it!!! It's a wonderfully atmospheric.