Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yadon's piperia ~ 07/25/10 ~ Manzanita Park

After 4 unsuccessful GPS coordinate attempts to find this rare orchid and finding other things instead, we finally hit pay dirt on our 5th try. The first photo above is unusually light colored compared to other Yadon's piperia that we saw this day. For a much better picture of this pale individual, check out Native Orchids on Flickr. The low growing shrub where this orchid is found is, I'm totally guessing, Hooker's manzanita and it's classified by CNPS as a 1B.2 rare, threatened, and endangered CA native.

ps 06/06/11 - As I was looking at my new labels for endangered and threatened species, I discovered Hooker's manzanita is considered endangered in the state of CA.

pss 10/23/11 - I'm going through and adding labels for endangered and threatened species for CA . I can't find this particular manzanita on the official California Department of Fish and Game's PDF list updated this month October 2011. I haven't figured out which is correct, the PDF or Elkhorn's site (embedded in the postscript above) is correct. And, I also have not figured out how to embed links to PDFs.


John W. Wall said...

Sometimes I think it should have been named the Endangered Habitat Act. Most of the endangered species got that way because of loss of habitat.

Nature ID said...

Yup, several of the historical records for this orchid (and manzanita) have since been developed.

Anonymous said...

Hello, the Wikipedia article for this plant needs a better image as it just has one of the leaves under a manzanita. Perhaps you would like to use one of yours?

Katie (Nature ID) said...

I've thought about it, but after it took over 9 months to get John Game's ambiguous CalPhoto (yadonii or elegans or something else entirely?) removed from the Wikipedia entry, I decided it wasn't worth the effort.