Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michael's piperia ~ 08/11/10 ~ Toro Park

I'm feeling very repetitive these days, but I want to have a blog record of timing and location of orchids for next year. Now that Andy has been interested in looking for orchids, he seems to be seeing them on all his trail runs. It's a good thing.

ps 08/21/10 - Michael's piperia has a stout stem and seems to be found right along the trail sides in disturbed areas. Today, a friend and I saw the tail end of blooms at Fort Ord - Creekside, which is located just across Hwy 68 from Toro County Park. She didn't quite believe me it was an orchid until I pointed out the 3 remaining blooms on the tip.


Orchids and Nature said...

Keep on finding the Orchids, as you'll be aware by now I find them fascinating.

Nature ID said...

We have 14 species of orchids in Monterey County and without trying too hard I found 4 this year. If you'd like, check out our new friend's flickr page. He's attempting to photograph every species of orchid in all of CA and contacted me when I posted the endangered Yadon's piperia. I think he has only 9 more species to go: