Saturday, October 23, 2010

sunrise ~ 10/23/10 ~ at home

sunrise from home
October 23, 2010

I prefer sunrises over sunsets. There's an inherent promise of a future with sunrises.


Anonymous said...

That's sweet!
I like the idea of sunrise but hate having to be up early enough to see them, while for me nothing beats sitting outside on a nice evening watching a sunset, smiling at the conclusion of a productive, satisfying day.

texwisgirl said...

Lovely photo and wonderful attitude too! My favorite holiday is New Years Eve as the whole calendar ahead is a blank book of possibility! :)

Bill S. said...

I also love sunrises. They are always a surprise. Great picture.

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Janet, if I had your beautiful, hard-earned garden, I'd probably like to sit a while at the end of the day, too. Of course, this time of year before the time change, it's still dark way past 7am. :)

twg, I like possibilities. Each day begins fresh.

Thanks, Bill!

Joe said...

Beautiful shot!!

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Thank you, Joe.