Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heermann's gull ~ 08/11/11 ~ Wharf No. 2

first-cycle plumage Heermann's gull
Larus heermanni

Edited 08/23/11 - This is the second part of an original single gull post. I asked Don Roberson, creator of the amazing Creagus site, to confirm my IDs. He said, "Also, FWIW, the bottom gull is not a juvenile Heermann's Gull, which are extremely colorful with golden edges to all the back feathers, but is actually a first-summer bird (i.e., one year old... born summer 2010). We generally call those "first-cycle" now." Awesome, Don!

For other bloggers who have gull IDs, see John Rakestraw Birding in Oregon and beyond, Skev's B.L.O.G. from Leicestershire, and The Squirrelbasket from Wales.


Joe said...

Nice picture of really cool birds! :)

camissonia said...

Great post! Gulls are often difficult to ID. I've seen different iterations of Heermann's in Morro Bay and Santa Barbara, and from your description (via Don Roberson), I can now discern the difference!. Btw, Katie, my fav field guides for the flora of the E. Sierras are: Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada (by John Muir Laws), Sierra Nevada Wildflowers (by Elizabeth Horn), Falcon Guide's Sierra Nevada Wildflowers (by Karen Wiese), and Wildflowers of the Eastern Sierra and Mojave Desert & Great Basin (by Laird Blackwell). As a cross-reference, plant lists from many Central, Coastal and Southern CA floral hotspots can also be found on Kern County CNPS's website.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Thank you, Joe. I have a hard time approaching some of our more exotic gulls. There are just too many kinds for me to keep track.

Arlene, Don authored the only bird books I know specifically for Monterey Co. He's been kind enough to answer my amateur questions. I saw your reply on your blog. That reminds me, I need to add it to my reference of recommended books. If we ever head that way, I'll stock up from the library.