Monday, February 20, 2012

stonecrop ~ 02/20/12 ~ Pinnacles

Pacific stonecrop / broadleaf stonecrop
Sedum spathulifolium

This is my best guess considering others I've seen online look very different. There are so many variations of this native stonecrop that I'm not even sure if they're all the same species. It's a popular garden plant, which I think accounts for much of the variation. I have Matti and Megan of Far Out Flora to thank for Id'ing my first sedum.


Jeannette said...

Sedum is about as far as I get before I need mucho help...That's a nice one. We surely have that one in abundance on our stone crops too. Out to the Pinnacles...I am jealous.

randomtruth said...

Yes, Sedum spath it is. Nice patches too. You are correct as well that it's highly variable. There's several recognized subspecies. But, those big wide leaves and chaining growth style are common to all. Should bloom in May.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Jeannette, have you been back to Pinnacles since your March trip 2 years ago?

Thanks, Ken, for the ID verification. I'll have to look into subspecies.