Sunday, September 23, 2012

crappy photos no more?

blue-eyed darner

posted 10/09/12 - Here on Nature ID, I've joked about my crappy photos.  It's okay.  I'm good with it.  I'm practically proud, even.  While I sometimes get slightly green around the edges with envy over other bloggers' fantastic photographs taken with great skill and fancy equipment, the fact of the matter is I have little desire to grow in that direction myself.

Our trusty 8-year-old Konica Minolta DiMAGE X50 point-and-shoot has served us well.  It's lightweight, fits in my front shirt pocket or Andy's running belt pocket, old enough that I don't care if it gets a few raindrops or specks of pollen on it, and meets most of our wants most of the time. I'm someone who begrudgingly carries water and won't even take my smallest pair of binoculars on a hike because it doesn't easily fit into a pocket... well, you get the picture.  Or don't you?

As with all electronic gadgets nowadays, things break or become obsolete for whatever reason. Hey, I was "forced" to replace my 10-year-old computer, not because it broke, but because technology and my desire to be online left it in the dust.  Sigh, it's time to start thinking about a replacement camera. Andy came across reviews for Lytro.  I'm not crazy about the awkward shape.  However, capturing an entire light field to create a "living picture" with the capability to refocus after the fact?  Anyone hear of it?  Does anyone know if these active focus pictures can be embedded in blogger, yet?  If so, could you please send me a link to your blogspot?  Any other recommendations?  Granted, like with my computer this may be a 2-year process before I purchase, and by then this new consumer technology will very likely be even better and cheaper.


Imperfect and tense said...

Hey, even with fancy gear, I have loads of photos that good!

Thanks for the ode, by the way :o)

And an amusing blogpost :o))

Can't help you with the new-fangled gizmo, I'm afraid. I hadn't heard of it until you pointed it out, but it looks amazing on their website.

biobabbler said...

I'm afraid I have no wisdom to contribute, but I'm psyched to see what you learn. Good luck!

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Ha! Thanks, Graeme.

For my own records, I believe the ode is a blue-eyed darner (Rhionaeshna multicolor
), from September 23, 2012 at Toro Park
. I may have to post a slightly better crappy photo on that date.

I worry this new "living picture" format may go the way of the 8-track, especially with the special app. needed to process it on the computer.

bb, I hope someone out there knows and is already using it on their blogspot. If the images can be posted to Facebook, maybe...?

DavidDavid said...

canon's d20 waterproof camera

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Is that the camera you use, David, for your Tree in the Door's Fauna and Flora?