Thursday, April 18, 2013

lots o' lotuses ~ 04/18/13 ~ Huckleberry Hill

Bentham's deerweed / Bentham's lotus





Oy!  The 2nd edition Jepsons Manual released last year with its classification overhaul has thrown everyone for a loop, from the reliable memories of old-time native plant folks to the extensive databases of Jepson eFlora,, and CalPhotos.  The embedded links I've included in the names above were a little challenging to track down.  Lotus had most plants split off into Acmispon (deerweeds) and Hosackia (lotuses).  I wouldn't have attempted this post if I hadn't had the expert guidance of an experienced local CNPS member pointing out all these plants to me.  Our local chapter president asked me to accompany this fellow and make a record of what and where he collected for our annual wildflower show.

Speaking of where, my new location label of Huckleberry Hill Natural Habitat Area, which is managed by the Del Monte Forest Conservancy in Pebble Beach, is not the same as my previously featured Huckleberry Hill Nature Preserve, which is managed by the City of Monterey. While these two locations are only across Hwy 68 from each other, I think I see slight differences in habitat resulting from different historical land uses.  For those who live around here, this location is what's better known as the "quarry entrance" off Holman Hwy.


GretchenJoanna said...

I just now returned from a neighborhood walk and your pictures make me think that it was some kind of lotus I saw along the path! Maybe I will go back with my camera tomorrow and do some research - thanks for the inspiration!

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Send me a link if you decide to blog about your find.

GretchenJoanna said... Here it is!

Jennifer said...

hmmm.....this is interesting. I'm wondering if that is what I have been seeing at Rocky Creek