Tuesday, March 25, 2014

habitat ~ 03/25/14 ~ Lewis Creek Trail in the Sierra National Forest

a National Recreation Trail in the Sierra National Forest
(more information here and here)

Without intending to be hip, we "unplugged" for Spring Break up at Bass Lake.  No phone, no internet, no tv.  I got recommendations in advance from fellow bloggers for Hite Cove Trail (more info) and Devils Peak, both in the Sierra National Forest... I think.  Good luck trying to find either one on a road map.  With the infinitely more famous neighbor Yosemite, I discovered information for places outside of the National Park boundaries to be thin on the ground.

So, we did the next best thing, we drove around until something looked interesting.  It's our way of quickly exploring a new-to-us area.  See that trail sign?  Yep, that's all the notice you'll get from Hwy 41 as it quickly heads to Yosemite.  Andy chose to stop here, because there were a couple other cars already parked and it was in the middle of the week during a season when most everything in the area is shut down until at least mid-April.  Hence, it must be a good stop, right?  

Yes, most definitely, yes.  I loved it!  Although, I think our timing was a little early to catch its full spring glory.  It's a casual hike along what I assume is Lewis Creek, under a startling variety of very tall trees, including the prettily-puzzled ponderosa pine.  There are a couple scenic waterfalls, too.  If it were a big water year, I'm sure the creek would be deafening.  One thing to note, for the two of us who are used to the grippier Monterey pine needles, the ponderosa pine needles are extremely slippery to walk on.  Mr. Sure-Footed Trail Runner slipped very hard on the needles over granite.  His elbow is going to hurt for a long time.  Other than that, we enjoyed our little hike very much, and I hope to return someday.

For future reference, I should tip my hand in the water of the tributary (2nd photo above), beacuse I read mention of possible warm springs here.  Say, does anyone know, at what point does a creek become classified as a river?


DavidDavid said...

Hite Cove is on 140, many Poppies nowabout--140 the entry from Merced....there are two great public transit rides, by bus, by YARTS, one from Yosemite to San Francisco, the second from San Francisco to Yosemite! Poppies appropriate for the first...

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Ya, I was looking for Hite in a totally different direction; I didn't find it until I wrote this blog post. Did you hear, it snowed there the past few days? Good to know about YARTS.