Wednesday, July 29, 2009

black turnstone and surfbird ~ 07/29/09 ~ Coast Guard Pier

surfbird (upper-left) and black turnstone (lower-right)

The Local Birds states the black turnstone is in our area in the fall, winter, and spring. Um, what about the summer? This looks like the breeding plumage to me, yet Wikipedia states it only breeds in Alaska? Cornell's site seems to confirm this, too. I can't be the only one who's seen these around here in the summer.

ps 08/16/10 - I saw these again this morning, so I know last year's sighting was not a fluke. They're everywhere along the Coast Guard Pier breakwater rocks.  When does fall actually start around here?

pss 12/03/13 - Thanks to John Rakestraw's recent blog post, I took a second look at these photos.  What I thought was perhaps a black turnstone female and male, or a juvenile and adult, are two different kinds of birds.  I've added a third photo that better shows the surfbird.

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