Saturday, June 19, 2010

moths ~ 06/19/10 ~ at home

Oidaematophorus sp.?

ceanothus nola moth
Nola minna

These pics are for Chris Grinter of The Skeptical Moth blog. He works at Cal Academy and is a smart, young lepidopterist. His description of spreading microlepidoptera is impressive and would be a handy addition to any basic entomology textbook. It takes talent, patience, just the right amount of blow, and a steady hand to create beautifully pinned specimens.

Chris was kind enough to include a link to a post of mine on a blog carnival he hosted called The Moth and Me # 12. For The Moth and Me carnivals #s 1-11, check out North American Moths.

What? You don't know about blog carnivals? Me neither. I still don't really understand them. I thought I'd have to do something elaborate or fabulous, but, no, I just had to say "okay" and there you go.

My moth pics are nothing to brag about. Squirrel's View blogger has posted amazing pictures of a rosy maple moth and a giant leopard moth. Incredible!

ps 06/21/10 - I initially posted these as unidentified moths. Thanks to Chris, I've added the IDs with links above.


Anonymous said...

Hummm well the first is in the family Pterophoridae (plume moth). These are notoriously hard to ID even with a specimen, it's probably in the genus Oidaematophorus (yes, longer than the actual moth!).

The second is a Noctuidae, Nola minna.

Love the new layout! Keep the lep pics coming!

Nature ID said...

Thanks, Chris. I've added the IDs to the post.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Katie
Glad you liked my Moth Eyes.
Interestingly, I get Plume Moths here in Australia. Probably different genus to yours, but I just work with a camera, and rely on others for the specific IDs.
I'm better on birds and Orchids.
Thanks for visiting my site.
I'll come back again to yours too.