Saturday, May 14, 2011

coastal tidytips ~ 05/14/11 ~ Fort Ord

coastal tidytips
Layia platyglossa

This is such a sunny flower. I have a picture of another tidytip from Carmel Valley, but I couldn't properly identify it before. Maybe I'll go back and try to ID that photo and backpost under tidytips. I cheated on this ID and looked at the CNPS plant list for Fort Ord to get the species. According to Calflora there are 16 species/subspecies of Layia found throughout the state, with several looking very similar. The last picture above shows the coastal tidytips profusely growing among sky lupine (Lupinus nanus) in Fabaceae. These were found in areas that were burned in 2008, 2009, or not recently at all.

I should note this is a new location for Nature ID. In the next week or so, I'll be posting additional pictures from a special hike on Army Lands at the old Fort Ord. This area is normally closed to the public as they burn and clear munitions in preparation to turn over the lands to the BLM for recreational use by the year 2020. At the end of this series of posts from this hike, I'll do my usual habitat entry and explain more of how I had access to dangerous, closed lands. I have also corrected the location labels for past Fort Ord fire posts from 10/08/10 and 10/06/09 to Fort Ord - Army Lands.

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