Friday, June 10, 2011

pitcher sage ~ 06/10/11 ~ Pinnacles

Edited 07/16/11 - I originally posted with pictures from 06/09/11, but I like these photos better. The previous day the pitcher sages were so fragrant that it stopped us in our tracks. I've seen these at Fort Ord before, but I never noticed its incredibly wonderful scent. Maybe the very warm day helped spread the smell. I wonder if the flowers and leaves can be eaten. I would definitely include this in my dream garden.


Jeannette said...

There are so many sages and not all should be made into tea, but many of those not to be imbibed can be used in cosmetics, such as astringent washes. If I zero in on this one, I 'll be sure to share what I find out with you.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Hi, Jeannette. I think the tea was used medicinally. Do you have a book on Native American uses of local plants? I haven't found a very good online source, yet.