Saturday, October 1, 2011

vinegar weed ~ 10/01/11 ~ Garland Ranch

Here's one flower I'm sure I wouldn't want to take a strong whiff. In a previous post on the closely related woolly bluecurls, I was asked how they smell. I've long gotten out of the habit of sticking my nose up to unknown plants or even rubbing the leaves with my fingers and smelling them. Apparently, the woolly bluecurls shrubs are sweeter smelling than vinegar weed. I'll have to ask Andy if he could smell this plant on the warm air. Look at how dry it was on the mesa. I'm amazed anything could be blooming after months of no significant rain.


Randy said...

There's lots of this stuff in Henry Coe. It smells pretty bad, and if you touch it, it has an oily or perhaps resiny substance that clings to your fingers.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Good to know. How does it smell to you? Vinegar, turpentine, and camphor all have very different smells to me.