Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012 in the Highlands

(not) our eggs

brightest flowers (fuchsias) that caught my eye

Bird Island of Point Lobos

hidden egg

my favorite spring garden view

Here's my annual Easter post. I use the same five picture themes every year. To see past years, click my * easter label and scroll down.

This year's celebration felt very different for several reasons. The Williams family are making the tough and beautiful transition without Cynthia. Two of her daughters, Molly and Honey live on the compound, and they are shaping "The Carmel Institute" to better suit their own preferences. I absolutely love their garden. Also, Andy and I have our own evolving life priorities. At the shin-dig, there were plenty of familiar faces and several new folks who brought plastic eggs and decorated beer cans. I don't remember the last time I saw plastic eggs as part of the hunt. As for Andy and me, well, we didn't dye any eggs this year (nor did we make paper snowflakes... hmm?) Time and attention have certainly slipped by us. Plus, it was our wedding anniversary, and that post will be forthcoming.

If Molly, Honey, and all their friends who helped out read this, here's a heartfelt thank you!


The Field of Gold said...

Only ever once been on Point Lobos. But I think I will be again. It's a long way from home, but I will have to do it. Kerry

Jennifer said...

Steve and I stopped by there after just about everyone had left. One thing I thought was really cool was the Easter egg tree with all the different eggs hanging on the branches. I totally want to do something like that some time! It's sad though, not to see Cynthia there wearing her wonderful Easter dress.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

You'll have to let me know if you ever head back this way. I could show you around. :)

Katie (Nature ID) said...

We got there late this year, so I wonder who blew the old round horn for the start of the egg hunting. Andy had the privilege of blowing it the year Cynthia started not feeling so well. Cynthia was cremated in her Easter dress. I wonder if we should start bringing blown-out decorated eggs for their Easter tree. They had it last year, too, in the orchard.