Tuesday, September 28, 2010

great blue heron
Ardea herodias

Finally! I had the camera on me while driving by Crespi Pond in the Pacific Grove Golf Links near Point Pinos Lighthouse. We regularly spot great blue herons and black-crowned night herons here (not to mention American coots and a plethora of various gulls), but we rarely have the motivation or camera to stop and watch. In fact, there are two night herons hiding in the reeds in the second pic (for lack of a better ID of this pond plant), barely evidenced by their white faces. It's our standard route home from the grocery store; I know, what a terrible commute (psht!). As for the location, this is right across the street where Oceanview Blvd. changes into Sunset Dr., so I am including it in the Pacific Grove Shoreline Park location label.

I don't have much commentary on the great blue heron. I know there have been massive annual nests that have been killing the tops of the pines near a friend's house in Monterey and where they hunt for gophers in her yard. Usually, when I see great blues, nights, or great egrets, I'm out for my morning walk near the Coast Guard Pier... without a camera.

ps 03/15/11 - For great pictures of a great blue heron catching a gopher, check out John Wall's Natural California here and here.


lostlandscape (James) said...

How I love seeing herons! A local estuary is a great place to look for them. But I'll have to admit that when the herons perched on our roof and started to eye the fishpond I ended up going out and shooing nature out of the back yard.

Joe said...

Nice shot of the heron. We have some in my area and it's fun to watch them stalk along the creeks and ponds looking for fish.

Brad said...

I've seen several herons recently. They are really beautiful birds. Nice job on the pics. I had no idea they would eat gophers. Cool.

Nature ID said...

James, I'd shoo the herons away, too, if I spotted them eying my fishpond.

Joe, I should check in on your blog more often. This one caught 2 fish while I was watching it.

Brad, I'd love to capture a pic of a great blue hunting gophers, but it doesn't seem to happen too often.