Wednesday, January 19, 2011

fiesta flower ~ 01/19/11 ~ Fort Ord

fiesta flower under oak
Pholistoma sp. under oak
Boraginaceae (formerly Hydrophyllaceae) and Fagaceae

I love the bright green and shape of the fiesta flower leaves. I'm not positive which species creates this lush green carpet under the oak trees (there's a blue and white version, each with subspecies)... nor have I taken the time yet to ID specific oaks. Interesting to note, I only see fiesta flowers under the oak canopies. Isn't there a name for the condition where things grow directly under the branches of trees due to the shade and extra moisture from fog and rain they provide to the understory? I plan to pay more attention this spring when I'm out hiking.


texwisgirl said...

That bottom photo is frame-worthy art!

Nature ID (Katie) said...


Cindy said...

Do you know why they are called fiesta flowers? A dear white-haired botanist lady called Hazel (or some other old fashioned name) told me it is because the Mexican country girls would pick the leaves which have little pricker-hairs on the bottom and and stick them on their skirts in pretty patterns to dress up for the fiesta. I don't whine so much anymore when they stick to my hiking pants.

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Cindy, that's very interesting. I have never heard that story. Thanks!