Friday, February 4, 2011

I still enjoy sucking on the stems of the Bermuda buttercup, aka sourgrass. I just have to make sure the stems I pick aren't anywhere near where dogs can do their thing, kinda like not eating yellow snow. This plant comes from South Africa.

ps 03/09/11 - In the past 2 years we've seen an explosion of this flower in places we used to never see it. For an excellent blog post, see Curbstone Valley Farm.


texwisgirl said...

wow, they're pretty!

biobabbler said...


1.Thanks for the tip re: sneaking nectar from a non-native--works for me on a few levels!

2. LOVE that re: doggy-business. You are the only person I've heard of BESIDES ME use that criterion to determine from where to harvest things in nature (berries, I like to pick them from about mid-thigh height and above) based on what canids may have marked. =)

Nature ID (Katie) said...

bb, check out Katie @ Phyte Club: Apparently, dog pee isn't the worst thing you can encounter while collecting "wild things"... needles? I hate to admit, but I have lived in an apt. building where needles were regularly dropped in the hallway. Must always wear sturdy footwear.