Thursday, June 30, 2011

CA cudweed ~ 06/30/11 ~ Fort Ord

best guess California cudweed / California everlasting
best guess Gnaphalium californicum (aka Pseudognaphalium californicum)

I'm starting to like cudweeds despite my not being too fond of crispy, dried flowers. They remind me of the dead flower bouquets my mother used to keep in waterless vases or baskets about the house. I think the main flower was strawflower, which must have had their peak of popularity as craft fair staples in the 1970's since I don't see them around anymore. One of my assigned chores was to dust weekly and those bouquets were impossible to clean without breaking off petals. I despise dusting, which may explain why I have so few knickknacks in my own home.

I'm pretty sure of this ID. I've seen CA cudweed before at a different Fort Ord location when it was very green. However, with a touch of white fuzz on the stems, I wonder if it might be slender everlasting (Psudognaphalium thermale), although and Jepson disagree over its distribution. What made searching for possible IDs challenging is Gnaphalium cudweeds/everlastings are variously aka Pseudognaphalium, Euchiton, and Gamochaeta.


biobabbler said...

=) Nice.
1. I hear you on dusting little things. I am a minimalist maybe in part 'cause I was responsible for dusting, as a child. Not that it was awful, but if you just don't HAVE little things displayed, then you just SWIPE and the bare table/counter/mantle is clean. Dusting dried flowers = oog.

2. I should probably look up what that everlasting I had is most likely to be.

3. While doing thesis work we rarely relied on distribution to help with identification 'cause there's SO much people don't know about where things live (this was mouse species) that unless it was no where near California ever, we figured we'd better go by other clues. Your Calflora Jepson example is a case in point. =)

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Thanks, bb. It's been challenging trying to make positive IDs. I generally go with what's already reported, because I figure the people who make those lists and maps know a heck of a lot more than I do. With that said, I do have many things on Nature ID that don't match location or timing reports.