Saturday, December 17, 2011

wedge-leaved horkelia ~ 12/17/11 ~ Fort Ord

Again, another fresh bloom and leaves alongside dry seeded parts from this past year. Looking back, I haven't done much hiking in December to have noticed these kinds of flowers before. Ah, I love living on the coast of CA where wildflowers can be found in winter.


Carol said...

Hi Katie! You are indeed lucky to be living in a place where you can see these lovely wildflower in the winter months! Sigh! Thank you so very much for your comment and the link on my blog!! Wondrous! Fabulous! I will share it too. A very talented young man. Thank you and Happiest of Holidays. Blessings, Carol

Katie (Nature ID) said...

You're welcome, Carol. I've enjoyed your blog for some time. Your gorgeous post of the sunrise and commentary of "out of an ocean of watery fog" reminded me of one of my favorite videos. Happy and healthy holidays to you, too!