Friday, February 21, 2014

Victorian box ~ 02/21/14 ~ Hatton Canyon

I've seen this large shrub at different locations and wondered what it was.  My first thought when seeing it is coffeeberry.  Nope.  When it's in bloom, it reminds me of an orange tree.  And, I've tasted the bright red seeds.  Blech!  After several half-hearted attempts at IDing old photos, I finally resorted to a google image search for "orange berry tree wide wavy leaves".  Ta-da!  (Goodness, what did I do before google?  Anyone remember the World Book encyclopedia?)  I liked Trees of Santa Cruz County's blog post on Victorian box.  This garden escapee hails from eastern coastal Australia and has been locally reported at Jacks Peak and the Frog Pond.


Jennifer said...

I thought it was a Pittosporum! It was the berries that were throwing me off

Katie (Nature ID) said...

I had no clue what this was and never heard of Pittosporum before. They must be garden plants. What about the berries that threw you off?