Saturday, February 5, 2011

torch aloe ~ 02/05/11 ~ Shoreline Park

torch aloe / krantz aloe
Aloe arborescens
Asphodelaceae (now included under Xanthorrhoeaceae)

I'm still not positive about this ID. Calflora essentially ignores this genus with two species poorly represented. I've searched, but it doesn't seem anyone really knows which particular species is so prolific along the seashore in Pacific Grove and massive - I was standing straight up when taking this photo. Does anyone know for certain? It originates from southern Africa.

ps 01/12/12 - I often find visitors get much better pictures than I could ever make, because I am someone who sees this kind of thing every day and after a while I don't appreciate the beauty:


texwisgirl said...


Jim Johnson said...

I don't know about the ID, but that's an awesome photo!

phyte club katie said...

I think you're right, just based on all of them I see at the Botanical Gardens. Though this is strictly on sight as opposed to Jepson! Love the perspective in your photo -- it makes me feel like a small Dr. Seuss character, bounding through the fields of Aloe.