Sunday, March 20, 2011

blue dick ~ 03/20/11 ~ Fort Ord

blue dick
Dichelostemma capitatum ssp. capitatum
Themidaceae (aka Asparagaceae and formerly Liliaceae)

It always amazes me how one or two colors of wildflowers seem to dominate at a time. During this particular hike at Fort Ord, lilacs (blue dicks, ceanothus, fiesta flowers, star tulips, yerba santas) and bright yellows (buttercups, footsteps of spring, oak catkins, sun cups) were everywhere. It's as if Mother Nature only had two tubes of flower paint and also consulted a color wheel.


texwisgirl said...

she's obviously working on a theme here... :)

Neil said...

Blame the bees:

Nature ID (Katie) said...

twg, love your bluebonnets. They remind me of our CA native sky lupine, which are still not quite out yet in full bloom - for once TX is a bit ahead of the wildflower game compared to my area of CA. But once again, your blog is so incredibly popular, that adding a comment to your already 34 comments makes me shy away. Thank you for your continuing support of my little blog.

Neil, glad to hear from you, again. I liked your link. I do find as summer progresses, the colors of wildflowers change as well.

Neil said...

It's true - it would be interesting to plot the dominant colors of wildflowers over the summer with the types of pollinators that are most active at that time. Anecdotally it seems like many red flowers peak in late summer early autumn, coincident with the fall hummingbird migration.